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  • orchids-greeting-card-by-emma-williams


    A British painter who studied textile design at Huddersfield University. Her work is recognisable by its flat perspective and use of bold colours
    Greeting card published by Art Cards Cornwall
    Card Size: 125 x 125mm
    Code: EW005

  • fine art card doves_in_flight-james lynch

    Doves In Flight

    by James Lynch (1956)
    James lives with wife Kate on a hill overlooking the Somerset Levels and Moors. He is famous for his monumental animals set in visionary landscapes, but his recent work focusses on the Somerset and Dorset landscape.
    Published by Towell & Scott
    Card Size: 150 x 150mm
    Code: JSL028

  • sunday-papers-dorothy-stirling-greeting-card

    Sunday Papers

    British artist living in Scotland. Her paintings mostly features her love of the Scottish landscape, the lochs, mountains, fishing boats and northern skies.
    Acrylic on paper. Published by Canns Down Press
    Card Size: 135 x 135mm
    Code: CDP-72B/3

  • henri-rousseau-football-players

    The Football Players

    by Henri Rousseau (1844-1910)
    French post-impressionist. He was a self-taught artist with no artistic background and considered to be a naive or primitive painter.
    The Football Players (1908) is held at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, USA
    Card Size: 140 x 140mm

  • greeting-card-sunday-cricket-gordon-barker

    Sunday Cricket

    Gordon was born in Gibraltar, settled in Northamptonshire and more recently moved Torquay. He has sold many hundreds of paintings worldwide…
    Cricket greeting card, individually cello-wrapped. Published by Art Cove UK
    Size: 140 x 140mm

  • greeting-card-bonhomie-blackburd-ailsa-black

    Bonhomie Blackburd

    Scottish artist, painter and illustrator studied at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen.
    Blank greeting cards published by the Artist
    Card Size: 126 x126mm

  • Greeting Card Arthur's Morning Vicky Mount

    Arthur’s Morning

    An affectionate and nostalgic reflection on life by Vicky Mount.
    An art greeting card published by Art Cove.
    Size: 140 x 140mm

  • Tamworth Pigs by Francis Farmar

    Tamworth Pigs

    by Francis Farmar (1948)
    A British artist who was brought up in Surrey and now lives on the Wiltshire/Dorset border.
    Greeting cards published by Towell & Scott.
    Card Size: 150 x 150mm
    Code: FEF029

  • Greeting Card: Getting To The Top - Valle Rivilla

    Getting To The Top

    Spanish artist. She features anonymous groups of people in different situations. Her work is informal, optimistic and joyful. She exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in 2010.
    Bicycle greeting card published by Art Cove
    Size: 140 x 140mm

  • Stripey Mug by Sophie Harding

    Stripey Mug

    British artist, illustrator and textile designer
    Greeting card published by Art Cards Cornwall, UK
    Card Size: 126 x 126mm
    Code: SH005

  • Greeting Card: Bowl of Pears by Janet Cleghorn

    Bowl of Pears

    Janet loves colour and pattern! She is a Scottish Artist whose quirky, contemporary still lifes feature “treasures” collected over the years.
    Greeting card published by Art Cove
    Size: 140 x 140mm

  • summertime-dariel-raven-blank-greeting-cards


    by Dariel Raven
    Published by Canns Down Press
    Size: 175 x 125mm
    Code: CDP-103A/3